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SoCal Fence and Barn: A Heartwarming Donation to Horse Rescuer Julie Legere

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In a world where acts of kindness and compassion often go unnoticed, there are remarkable individuals who dedicate their lives to making a difference. Julie Legere, a passionate horse rescuer, is one such hero. Recently, we at SoCal Fence and Barn had the privilege of collaborating with Julie to donate and install a much-needed 20ft by 20ft horse stall. This remarkable act of generosity will enable Julie to continue her mission of rescuing horses from the brink of a tragic fate at the slaughterhouse. In this blog post, we delve into the heartwarming details of this remarkable collaboration and the profound impact it will have on both Julie and the horses she saves.

The Journey Begins:

Julie Legere has long been recognized as a tireless advocate for the welfare of horses. Based in Southern California, she dedicates her time and resources to rescuing horses from auctions, just moments before they are sent off to the slaughterhouse in Mexico. These horses, often neglected and abandoned, find a glimmer of hope in Julie's unwavering determination.

The Partnership:

Recognizing Julie's selfless efforts, we decided to step in and lend a helping hand. Known for our high-quality horse stalls and round pens, we offered to donate and install a 20ft by 20ft horse stall, ensuring a safe and comfortable haven for the rescued horses. The partnership between Julie and SoCal Fence and Barn would prove to be a testament to the power of collaboration and the strength of shared values.

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See the same stall kit we donated to Julie:

The Delivery and Installation:

With great anticipation, brothers Aaron and David at SoCal Fence and Barn set out to deliver and install the horse stall at Julie's rescue facility. The YouTube video capturing this momentous occasion documented the excitement and gratitude in Julie's eyes as the horse stall took shape. The donation not only symbolized a physical space for the horses but also a renewed sense of hope for their future.

socal fence and barn brothers

Impact on Julie's Rescue Mission:

The 20ft by 20ft horse stall provided by SoCal Fence and Barn is a game-changer for Julie's horse rescue efforts. With this new addition, she can accommodate more horses, ensuring they have a safe environment to heal and thrive. The stall will offer safe and secure boarding and allow the horses to regain their strength and trust in humanity. It is a sanctuary where these animals can find solace, love, and a chance for a new lease on life.

socal fence and barn horse stall donate to julie legere

Inspiring Others:

The video documenting the collaboration between SoCal Fence and Barn and Julie Legere has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide. It serves as a powerful reminder that small acts of kindness can ripple out and inspire others to join the cause. The emotional reactions, outpouring of support, and generous contributions that followed the release of the video underscore the collective desire to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.


The partnership between SoCal Fence and Barn and Julie Legere serves as a heartwarming example of how businesses and individuals can come together to effect change. Through their donation of a 20ft by 20ft horse stall, Julie can continue her mission of rescuing horses on the brink of tragedy. This collaboration reminds us of the immense power of compassion, unity, and the profound impact one act of kindness can have on both human and animal lives. Together, we can build a brighter future for these majestic creatures, one stall at a time.

Watch the YouTube video here:

 If you would like to adopt, rescue, make a donation, or save a horse. Please contact Julie. She rescues and takes care of all of her horses out of her own pocket!

Contact Julie: (951) 837-0629

Join Julie's Facebook Group:

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