This Horse Stall Delivery to Lockwood, California Was Amazing!

This Horse Stall Delivery to Lockwood, California Was Amazing!

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Our First Time Delivering to Lockwood, California 

If you have been searching for corral panels for sale in Lockwood, California then you have found the right place. We just got back from a delivery to an awesome customer in Lockwood!

For this delivery, we actually delivered one of our loafing shed kits to a beautiful property up in Lockwood. 

corral panels for sale lockwood ca

 The photo above shows the frame of the loafing shed along with the Zee purlins and you can see the metal PBR roof panels in the background.

 What The Heck Is a Loafing Shed?

A loafing shed is just a cover or shelter that allows your horse or animals to get out of the cold rain or hot sunshine. 

loafing shed lockwood ca

Prior to the delivery, our customer warned us that we would lose cell phone reception as got closer to their property. Aaron, who was on delivery duty this time, didn't pay much attention to this tip from our customer.

Sure enough, low and behold, as Aaron go about a mile or so away from the customers property entrance, his GPS completely stopped working!

Aaron pulled over to the side of the road to try and get his cell phone GPS to work again. He just so happened to pull up next to a set of corral panels on someone else's property and it wasn't too long before someone drove up to him to see what was going on. The guy thought Aaron was eyeballing his corral panels to steal them! Aaron gave the guy his business card and told him what he was doing parked on the side of the road. 

pbr roof panels lockwood ca

Aaron mentioned that the only hard part about this delivery was unloading the 12ft metal PBR roof panels from the trailer. They made quite a bit of noise because they are so big and floppy, but luckily there were no horses near by that could get disturbed or scared.

 Corral Panels for Sale Lockwood, Ca

 We deliver round pens, corral panels, and horse stalls to all over the cities surrounding Lockwood, Ca. It's a beautiful area and we love taking care of our customers up there.

horse corral panels lockwood ca
corral panels in lockwood ca

Best Spot For Cold Drinks In Lockwood, California 

After unloading the loafing shed and getting the straps and whatnot put away on the trailer, Aaron was very thirsty and could go for a cold beverage and a snack for the drive back home.

Aaron decided to stop at this awesome gas station and store called Pleyto Store in Bradley, CA.


pleyto store bradley ca
pleyto store gas station

Aaron purchased an ice cold Gatorade, a tall water bottle, and his favorite road-trip candy: a pack of peanut M&M's! Aaron still had quite a bit of diesel fuel left in his tank otherwise he would've purchased fuel from Pleyto Store as well. 

We Hope To Deliver to Lockwood again Soon!

 If you are looking for cattle panels, horse corral panels, round pens, stalls, arenas, or even a mare motel, we'd love to get the chance to earn your business.

round pen for sale lockwood ca

12x24 horse stall for sale

horse stall for sale lockwood ca

We offer affordable and hassle-free deliver to the Lockwood, California and the surrounding areas.

Give us a call or write us an email by going to our Contact page on our website!

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