Continuous Fencing

Continuous Fencing

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Continuous Fence Panels For Sale

Discover our range of 20ft continuous fence pipe panels for sale near you. Whether you're seeking to construct a pasture, set up an arena, or establish secure boundaries for horses and livestock, these durable continuous panels are the perfect solution. Experience remarkable savings on labor as you effortlessly put together a robust enclosure. Transform the process of fencing extensive sections of your ranch or livestock property with unparalleled ease, all conveniently available for sale near you.

20ft Continuous Fence Details: 

  • Length: 20ft
  • Height: 4ft
  • Rail size: 1-1/4"
  • Material thickness: 14 gauge
  • Expert welds

continuous fence panels

How to Install Continuous Fencing

  1. Set a post every 10-20ft.
  2. Secure the continuous panel to the post with a conduit strap or with welds.
  3. Slide the next panel over the male end of panel you just secured to the post.
  4. Some people hire a mobile welder to fully weld the panels to each post. If you're in a "no burn" or fire hazard area, just use conduit straps with self tapping screws.