Horse Panel Fencing in Dubai: Round Pens, Horse Stalls, and Arena Kits

Horse Panel Fencing in Dubai: Round Pens, Horse Stalls, and Arena Kits

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Horse Fence Paddock Arenas and Round Pen Panels in Dubai

Looking for the best horse fence panels for sale in Dubai? Look no further. We manufacture top-quality horse and livestock panels and can ship them anywhere in the world with the help from our friends at Emarat Shipping

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What Makes Our Horse Paddock Fence Panels Better?

The answer to this question is very simple:

  • We use thick 14-Gauge steel material
  • We weld the end caps completely shut on the tops of each panel
  • All of the joints are fully coped
  • Our horse panels are welded together by actual experts with true American craftsmanship.
  • We construct our panels to have a strong center tube support
  • Our horse paddock fence panels are powder coated in-house. 
  • We can powder coat our horse panels in any color you want to match your palace, ranch, farm, or equestrian facility. 
  • We have the best prices

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horse paddock fence panels in dubai

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You Deserve To Have The Best Horse Panels in Dubai!

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship Horse Fence Panels to Dubai?

For most of our customers in the UAE, it's best for them to ship an entire 40ft container by sea. We can fit about 180 to 200 of our horse and livestock fence panels inside one 40ft shipping container. Prices will vary from time to time. But usually the estimated price to ship a container full of horse corral panels to Dubai is around $6500 to $8500 for a 40ft container by sea. 

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How Many Horse Panels Do I Need For My Dubai Equestrian Facility?

If you are having trouble estimating how many horse panels you will need for your equestrian fence project. You should take a look at our different kits that we sell. Our kits come with the exact amount of horse panels, gates, panel clamps, and posts you will need. Click any of the links below to be taken to the type of kits you need:

horse round pen for sale dubai

horse paddock stall for sale in dubai

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 Ok, This Is All Great. But Who Is SoCal Fence and Barn?

We are a family owned business in Southern California, USA owned by two brothers. The older brother is Aaron and the younger brother is David who is 2 years younger than Aaron. Together they have built what you see here, SoCal Fence and Barn! 

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How To Order From Us

Placing an order with us is very easy. Simply contact us my phone call, text message, WhatsApp, Email, or by the LiveChat message feature on our website.

1-909-210-5590  (Aaron "Big Bro")

1-909-210-0999  (David "Little Bro")


We can get the shipping quote for you. Or, you can contact Emarat Shipping directly:

We hope to hear from you soon! 

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