Top Quality Horse and Livestock Panels For Sale in Southern California!

Top Quality Horse and Livestock Panels For Sale in Southern California!

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Stop looking for used horse corral panels for sale!

For years, horse and livestock owners have been forced to buy used, ugly, bent horse panels from local classified websites. Our brand new horse and livestock panels are usually priced lower than the used panels you will find out there.

10ft and 12ft Horse Pipe Corral Panel Details

  • Made out of 14-Gauge Steel
  • 1-5/8" Posts
  • 1-1/4" Rails
  • End caps are welded shut, won't fill with water or wasp nests
  • Expert, beautiful welds that are top-notch 
  • Center tube support
  • All joints are coped
  • Available in bare metal or powder coated finish 
  • Proudly Made in USA!

See our horse and livestock panel pricing options here:

used horse panels for sale near me

American Made 

We know that there's not a whole lot of options for high quality horse and livestock panels out there. Especially in areas like Norco, Apple Valley, Lancaster, Phelan, Palmdale, Ramona, Fallbrook, Apline, Perris, and even Murrieta. Luckily, you have found SoCal Fence and Barn who makes their products here in the USA. Unlike other local companies that import junk panels from outside of the United States.

 Strong 14-Gauge Material

When shopping for horse and livestock panels, pay attention and look at what gauge the steel is. Most other businesses that sell corral panels will try to market their panels as heavy duty or medium duty. But they're not. The higher the gauge number is, the thinner the walls of the pipe or tubing is. Our panels are made from 14-gauge steel. Most of the overpriced, flimsy, overpriced panels that you will find are made from 16-gauge, 18-gauge, or even sometime 20-gauge. 

14 gauge horse panel wall thickness

Welded End Caps

The tops of all our panels, gates, and posts, all have welded end caps. This is because we don't believe in selling our customers those plastic caps that will always crack and cause the panels to fill with water. We are also the top choice for a lot of cattle ranchers and horse trainers in the area because it prevents wasps from building nests inside our panels.


horse panels welded end caps

Will Our Horse Panels Rust?

If you buy our bare metal horse panels, they will get the patina/surface rust just like the oil pipes that all real working ranches use. "Why would I want rusted panels?", you might ask. The light brown color of the surface rust or patina will allow your panels to blend into your property a whole lot better than the shiny galvanized panels. Those galvanized panels, as you probably already noticed, stick out like a major sore thumb and become an eye sore once you notice them.

horse arena panel gate fencehorse corral pipe panel fence

horse corral panel gate for sale

Powder Coated Horse Panels

If you don't want the rustic look on your horse property. Then you should consider our powder coated horse panels that we offer. Our standard colors are Dapple Grey and Black. But, we can powder our panels any color you want for an extra fee. All of our powder coating is done in-house, so don't charge you an arm and a leg for that service like your local powder coat shop would.

powder coated horse panelspowder coated horse pipe corral panels

black horse pipe corral panelsblack powder coated horse panels


We can go on and on about how nice and beautiful our horse and livestock panels are compared to our competitors. But, we'd like to keep this article short for now. If you have any questions about our products or how to go about placing an order. Do feel free to contact us anytime by phone, text, or email. We hope to hear from you soon! 

See our pricing and different horse and livestock panel options here:

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Hello I’m interested for your panels that don’t rust and colors ones with shipping price and price per each so I can just order four each at a time please I’ll be waiting for responde back thanks for your business

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