Installing a 40ft Horse Round Pen: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing a 40ft Horse Round Pen: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Recently, the team at SoCal Fence and Barn had the opportunity to install a 40ft horse round pen in our own pasture at our pickup yard in Jurupa Valley, California, which is located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Round pens are a great addition to any equestrian property, as they provide a safe and enclosed area for horses to train, exercise, and play.

To give you a better idea of the process involved in installing a round pen, we've created a YouTube video that shows the installation of this particular round pen from start to finish. You can check out the video here: [YouTube video link].

If you're interested in learning more about how to install a round pen, this video is a great resource. Keep in mind, however, that while a DIY round pen installation is possible, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional fence and barn installation company to ensure a safe and secure space for your horses.

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The process of installing a round pen begins with selecting the appropriate location on the property. It is important to choose a level, well-draining area that is easily accessible for both horses and humans. In this case, we chose to install the round pen in our own pasture at our pickup yard in Jurupa Valley, California.

Once the location was chosen, we marked out the perimeter of the pen and began preparing the ground for the installation. This involved removing any debris or obstacles, as well as leveling and grading the soil to ensure a smooth surface for the horses to move on.

Next, we began laying out the panels for the round pen. The panels consist of sturdy posts, rails, and center supports that are all beautifully pre-welded together. We positioned the bow gate at a strategic location for better photos or our catalog, but you can start by choosing the best location for the bow gate, to allow for easy access to the pen.

Finally, we added the finishing touches to the round pen. We started standing up each panel then clamping them together with the included panels clamps.

Don't fully tighten the panel clamps until you are happy with the shape and position of your new round pen. After you are happy with how everything looks, start tightening down the panel clamps with an electric impact and a 9/16 socket. Be sure to use a longer socket rather than a shorter socket.

Overall, the installation of the 40ft horse round pen was a success. The end result was a safe and functional space for the horses to enjoy. At SoCal Fence and Barn, located in Jurupa Valley, California in the Inland Empire region of Southern California we are always happy to help our clients create functional and safe spaces for their horses.

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