Finally, Affordable Mare Motels For Sale!

Finally, Affordable Mare Motels For Sale!

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No More Being Held At The Mercy Of a Welder or Custom Barn Builder

In the past, in order to purchase a beautiful mare motel for your horse property, you had to contact a welder or metal fabricator to come out and custom make each piece of your mare motel. Not anymore!

mare motel for sale

Thankfully, our mare motels do not require any welding or fabricating. They come with everything you need to build a beautiful mare motel just by using basic hand tools. 

 On average, it will take 2 capable people less than a full day to get our kits fully setup and installed. 

 4 Stall Mare Motels For Sale

We offer different sizes and number of stalls with our mare motel kits. Our most popular size is the 4 Stall Mare Motel.

4 stall mare motel for sale

4 stall mare motel near me

 10 Stall Mare Motel Kits For Sale

Another one of our popular mare motel configurations is the 10 Stall Mare Motel Kit. It has 5 stalls on each side with a 10ft breezeway.

10 stall mare motel for sale

Our mare motel kits come in 4-rail and 5-rail panel options. You can also choose from powder coated finish or bare metal/rustic finish. 

Powder Coated:

12 ft horse panelhorse panelpowder coated horse panel

Bare Metal:

10 ft horse panel for salebare metal horse panelswelds on horse panelcoped joints horse panelwelded end caps horse panels

Get The Strongest Panels For Your Mare Motel

If you're going to be spending the money on a mare motel for your horses, you'd want to be sure the panels and material that are holding up the structure are well-made and engineered properly. 

Horse Panel With 8x More Strength

Our patent pending design adds 8x more strength to our panels vs our competition. We use CNC machines to cut holes into the posts, then we insert the rails into the posts before we weld them into place. Our competitors only butt the rails up against the posts!

horse panelswelding horse panels

 Our patent pending design makes our corral panels way stronger and safer than others.

 corral panels for sale near me

 Save Time & Money With Our Mare Motel Kits

Custom mare motel projects used to cost horse owners up to $100,000+ after cost of materials and cost of labor. The whole job process would often take weeks or months to complete. Not with our kits!

mare motel for sale near mewood mare motel for salewood mare motels

Go Big. Go 20 Stall Mare Motel!

We can make you a custom sized mare motel kit. We've had requests for up to 100 stall mare motels in the past. The render image below shows our 20 stall mare motel kits. It has 10 stalls on each side with a 10ft breezeway.

20 stall mare motel

Mare Motels For Sale Near Me

If you discovered our mare motels by entering "mare motels for sale near me" in your search engine, you've come to the right location.

We offer affordable delivery to wherever you're at in the world. We have an expert logistics team that will transport and unload your mare motel anywhere.

mare motel  

How To Order a Mare Motel

To purchase a mare motel kit from us, simply give us a call, text, or write us an email. We also have a Live Chat feature on our website, if that's easier for you.

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