Customer in Red Bluff Builds Beautiful Barn with Our Horse Corral Panels

Customer in Red Bluff Builds Beautiful Barn with Our Horse Corral Panels

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Corral Panels in Red Bluff Ca For Sale

One of the perks of being able to powder coat our corral panels in-house is being able to offer custom colors to our customers. We recently had a customer of ours in Red Bluff, California who ordered black corral panels from us, and they look beautiful!

corral panels for sale red bluff ca

We sell our corral panels all over the west coast to lots of customers. Most of the time, our customers are too busy or they forget to send us photos of their finished barn or fence projects. Which is ok, we are very busy too! But one of our recent customers in Red Bluff was able to to email us these photos of her finished project. 

We thought her horse barn project came out so good that we had to post this article about it on our website and show off the photos she sent in to us!

Beautiful Horse Panels In Red Bluff, California 

Trying to find high quality corral panels for sale in Red Bluff, Ca can be difficult. Luckily, we send our delivery driver up through Red Bluff and all the way up the West Coast about ever 2 weeks or so. This allows us to charge an affordable transport fee. We just load multiple orders onto the same trailer.

corral panels in red bluff ca

Needless to say, this awesome customer of ours in Red Bluff decided our black horse corral panels would be a great finishing touch for her new, white barn.

horse corral panels red bluff ca for sale

 Black Horse Corral Panels with Black Panel Clamps in Red Bluff

Not only did we powder coat the corral panels for her, but we also took it a step further and powder coated the panel clamps for her. Usually we sell galvanized panel clamps or even bare metal clamps with our panels and different kits. 

She went with our 12ft 4-Rail Horse Panels for her project along with some of our 12ft 4-Rail Panel Gate Combos to provide an entrance and exit out of the paddock. All powder coated black!!

corral panels red bluff ca

 Red Bluff, California is home to some of the most beautiful horse communities you will ever see. Lots of space and well kept properties in this area make this one of our favorite regions to deliver our corral panels to. Sshhh don't tell our customers in Temecula that we said that! HaHa. 

 white barn for sale red bluff ca

horse barn red bluff ca

Red Bluff, You're Beautiful!

We always appreciate it when our customers leave us nice reviews and send us photos like these. We'd like to give a big thanks to our awesome customer, Janae, for sending in these great photos of her beautiful barn with our corral panels in Red Bluff, Ca. Thank you!

horse panels for sale in red bluff ca

Our Horse Corral Panels For Sale

Why would someone order horse panels from SoCal and have them shipped all the way up to Red Bluff? The answer to this question is simple: You get what you pay for.

 Sure, we charge a delivery fee. But when you see how good our corral panels look and feel how sturdy they are in person, the delivery fee is well worth the extra money. 

black corral panels for salecorral panels blackblack horse corral panels

horse panels

 The Best Corral Panels in Red Bluff Ca

If you discovered these panels by entering " corral panels in red bluff ca for sale " in your search engine, you've come to the right location.

Here are a few quick bullet points that will help teach you why our panels are the top choice in Red Bluff, California ...

  • We build our panels with heavier gauge material (14-gauge steel)
  • All of the joints are coped
  • The rails are actually inserted into the post before we weld them - adds 8x more strength to our panels (patent pending).
  • The top end caps are completely welded shut
  • Strong center tube support in the middle of each panel
  • Made by CNC machines for precision 
  • Expert welds that will withstand the test of time
  • Beautiful powder coated finish 
  • Made in USA!

 corral panels for sale near mehorse panelexpert weld horse panelhorse panel coped joints

horse panels end caps welded shut

center tube horse panelsbare metal horse corral panels

corral panels for sale

Choose SoCal Fence and Barn's Corral Panels

 We hope that you enjoyed reading and seeing the photos of our customer's finished corral panel project in Red Bluff, California. If you are in the need of some awesome corral panels for your horse property, and you don't want to buy overpriced junk from those big box stores, give us a call anytime. We'd love to hop on a phone call for a quick chat about your project!

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