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Tractor Supply Round Pen Injured Her Horse!

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Corral Panels From Tractor Supply

One of our customers here in Norco, California heard a loud commotion coming from her round pen. When she came outside to see what was going on, she discovered that her beloved horse had severely injured himself by getting his hoof caught in between the panels she purchased from Tractor Supply.

horse hoof injured by tractor supply round pen

The Dangers of Pin & Latch Corral Panels

These corral panels that are found at places like Tractor Supply can be very dangerous for horses. These panels usually connect together with a pin & latch, which creates a loose connection with a large gap in between the panels.

pin latch corral panels from tractor supply 

Why Corral Panels from SoCal Fence and Barn are Safe

  • Our horse panels connect together with our panel clamps.
  • There is little to no gap between the panels of our round pen and stall kits.
  • We use thicker-walled material (14 gauge).
  • We weld the end caps on the tops of each panel shut.
  • Each weld is done by expert welders.
  • All of our products are engineered by real engineers who have years of experience.

horse corral panel clamp

pipe corral panel clamps

 How To Choose The Right Horse Corral Panels:

  1. Ask the seller what gauge the material thickness is. Gauge refers to the thickness of the walls of the metal tubing. We use 14 gauge. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the material is.
  2. Be sure to notice how the panels connect together. Do they use pin & latches? Do they use panel clamps? Or is the seller going to give you small pieces of rope to tie the panels together with? Our round pen and stall kits all come with panel clamps.
  3. Take a good look at the welds. Do the welds look like they are safe and solid like ours? 
  4. Look to see if the panels you are interested in buying have the end caps welded shut on the tops of each panel. Our panels here at SoCal Fence and Barn are welded completely shut. They will not fill up with water, dirt, or wasp nests.

horse corral panels with welded end caps

Watch Our Video To Hear The Full Story About These Corral Panels From Tractor Supply

If you're looking for horse corral panels, round pens, stalls, or arenas, have a look at our catalog to see what we offer.

We offer delivery all over Southern California to areas like Norco, Tustin, Fallbrook, Apple Valley, Phelan , Acton, Temecula, Ramona, Jamul, Apline, Boulevard, Lake Hughes, Chino, and even Paso Robles.

Call, text, or email us to schedule a delivery or to ask us questions!


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