Use These Corral Panels to Build a Wood Round Pen

Use These Corral Panels to Build a Wood Round Pen

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Wood Round Pen Panels For Sale

If you have always wanted a wood round pen to train or exercise your horse in, you're not alone. Everyone loves the look and style of the wooden round pens at most horse training facilities. 

 Like everyone else, you might have noticed that those wood round pens usually cost an arm and a leg. The cost of material and the cost of skilled labor makes them out of reach for most folks, especially in this time and age.

Use Our Corral Panels With Wood Mounts

You can use our horse corral panels that have the wood mounts on them to build a beautiful wooden round pen or use them to build wood horse stalls.

Can We Add Wood To The Round Pen Bow Gate?

Yes, you can build an entire round pen with these panels so that even the bow gate will have wood on it. 

Round Pen With Only Bottom Rail Wood

If you want your round pen panels to have the very bottom to have a single wood piece, you can do that too!

Wood Horse Round Pen

If you have been looking everywhere for an affordable wood horse round pen for sale then you have found the right place. Our corral panels with the wood insert mounts will make it so much easier to build your wooden round pen! 

 How To Place An Order

To place an order with us, you can start by contacting us by phone, email, or by Live Chat. Tell us what size and if you want the bare metal/rustic or powder coated round pen panels.

We look forward to helping you with your dream round pen!

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