24x6 Mustang Panel 1-5/8" Heavy Duty 14 Gauge 6-Rail

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Note: Select if you want bare metal/rustic or powder coated finish

24x6 Premium Mustang Panel


Mustang Panel Details:

  • 24ft Length
  • 6ft Height
  • 1-5/8" Steel Tubing
  • 14 Gauge
  • Welded end caps
  • Expert Welds
  • All joints are coped
  • Made with modern CNC technology
  • 6-Rail
  • Bare Metal/Rustic - Will gain surface rust

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These mustang panels come bare metal. They will get the same patina/surface rust as the oil pipe that most ranchers use and love.

Modern Technology Meets Old Time Functionality 

With the use of our modern CNC manufacturing technology, we are able to run a rail straight through our vertical posts and secure them with expert welds. Our modern engineering far surpasses that of the old oil pipe panels that has the rails tac welded to either side of the posts.

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