The Safest Continuous Fence Panels On The Market!

The Safest Continuous Fence Panels On The Market!

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We recently made some really nice improvements to the design of our continuous fence panels which makes them the safest and best-looking panels on the market. 

What Makes Our Continuous Fence Panels So Great?

One of the main new features of our new continuous fence panel design is we replaced the flat strap vertical supports with actual tubes for the supports. You can see how much better they look in the photos below.

No More Flat Strap Vertical Supports!

Other continuous fence panels out there will 99% of the time use flat straps for their vertical supports. We found that by using our new tube support instead of the flat straps, this makes for a much more rigid and stronger continuous fence panel design.

No Vertical Support in The Middle of The Panel

Another new key feature that we should mention is the removal of a vertical support in the very middle of the continuous panel. 

Why Did We Remove The Middle Vertical Support?

We removed the middle vertical support for two reasons:

  1. The spacing of the verticals will look a lot more even down your fence line. Other continuous panels, you will notice the spacing of their verticals is usually always uneven.
  2. This makes the panel itself a lot more safe for your livestock. There is much less of a chance your horses or livestock will get caught in between the verticals and the posts. 

Take a look at other continuous fence builds, specifically look at the corners. See how small the space is between the vertical support and the corner post? This is very dangerous!

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