Easy 12x24 Horse Stall Build With Wood Panels

Easy 12x24 Horse Stall Build With Wood Panels

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Simple Horse Stall Build Ideas

Every horse owner on the planet wants their horses to be safe and comfy on their property. For years, everyone has been forced to hire a welder or a custom barn builder to custom build or fabricate a decent horse stall with a cover. Not anymore!

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Portable Horse Stalls For Sale

We engineered our horse stall kits so that anyone can install them. No need for any welding or noisy metal grinding for weeks on end. Most of our horse stalls mainly require the use of panel clamps to connect everything together. If you get one of our stall kits with a cover, then you'd need to fasten the roof panels with the included self-tapping screws.


12x24 horse stall inside

Wood Panels For Horse Stalls

The 12x24 horse stall that's featured in this article is equipped with our 6ft tall "wood insert" corral panels. These panels have pre-welded bracket on them which allows our customers to easily fasten their own wood pieces to the panels.

12x24 horse stall shelter

Horse Stall With Sloped Roof Cover

Another nice feature of this 12x24 horse stall it the sloped 12x24 cover. The front of this stall is 9ft tall with the backside being 8ft tall. This provides a nice slope that will allow rain and snow to slide right off.

12x24 Horse Stall For Sale

If you have been looking everywhere for horse stall build ideas or even looking for "horse stalls for sale near me" online, then you have come to the right place. Our kits will save you tons of time and money on your project and we offer affordable delivery all over the USA. Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, the installation does not require any special skills. Most of our kits will 2 people less than 3 hours to fully assemble.

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DIY Horse Stall Build Ideas

To see some more DIY horse stall build ideas, you should have a look at our other kits we offer. If you need stalls for multiple horses, then it's very easy to setup these stalls side-by-side in a row. 

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Horse Stalls For Sale Near Me

To get any of your questions answered about our horse stalls, or to place an order. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or us the Live Chat feature on our website!

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