Check Out Our Customer's Beautiful Horse Corral in Fallbrook!

Check Out Our Customer's Beautiful Horse Corral in Fallbrook!

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Beautiful Horse Corral Panels in Fallbrook, CA

We had the pleasure of selling a bunch of our 12ft 4-Rail Horse Panels to our awesome customer in Fallbrook just a few weeks ago. When they came to our yard to buy the corral panels, they briefly described their horse corral project, but we had no idea that it would turn out this beautiful!

horse corral panels in fallbrook ca

Horse Panels For Sale in Fallbrook, CA

Fallbrook, California is just one of the many areas in San Diego County that we often sell our horse corral panels in. Even though our yard is up by Norco, California, we get lots of customers and orders in Fallbrook. Chances are, if you live in the Fallbrook horse community, we have delivered to sold horse corral panels to a few of your neighbors. 

A Video Is Worth a Million Words...

Looking for Horse Corral Panels in Fallbrook?

Finding nice horse panels for sale in Fallbrook used to be very difficult. This is a thing of the past. It used to be very common for people to buy their neighbor's used, bent, rusted horse panels before they move away. If you have a look at what else it out there, you will notice most folks are selling their used panels for around the same price as our brand new pipe corral panels. 

pipe corral panels in fallbrook ca

 horse corral panels for sale fallbrook

pipe corral panels fallbrook

Horse Pipe Corral Arena With an Amazing View!

Fallbrook, California has some of the most beautiful scenery and landscape views around Southern California. Upon arriving to our customer's property, we immediately noticed how nice the view was. Have a look at these photos below...

horse corral fallbrook

horse fence panels in fallbrook ca

fallbrook california

 The #1 Corral Panel Choice of Fallbrook, California 

 We know, as a horse owner, you are very busy, so we will keep this part of the article short as possible. You might be thinking to yourself, "What makes these horse corral panels the best in Fallbrook?". 

Here are a few short bullet points that outline why we are the top choice in Fallbrook:

  • We use heavier gauge material (14-gauge)
  • Our end caps we completely welded shut
  • All of our joints are coped
  • The rails are fully inserted into the posts before we weld (adds 8x more strength)
  • Made with modern CNC technology
  • Our corral panels are powder coated in house
  • Expert welds ensure they will withstand the test of time

horse corral panels for sale

horse panels in fallbrook

horse fence in fallbrook ca

corral panel

horse panel

corral panels for sale near me

12 ft corral panels for sale near me

 Support Family Owned Businesses & American Made Products

SoCal Fence and Barn is a small family owned business that makes all of their horse corral products here in the USA. We know we could perhaps outsource our manufacturing overseas, but that's not part of our agenda. We prefer to keep production and jobs here in the United States. Just like the way things used to be and should be! 

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