Delivery of Horse Corral Panels in Northern California!

Delivery of Horse Corral Panels in Northern California!

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Every two weeks or so we head up north to deliver corral panels in the Northern part of California. We load multiple orders on the same trailer so that each customer get's a discounted transport fee.

Corral Panels For Sale In Northern California


On every trip up north we try to capture photos and videos to document our adventures. Most of the time, we are in a hurry to meat our deadlines and delivery times that we schedule with our customers. But on this trip we decided to get better video and bring you a long with us!

Corral Panels For Sale in Bakersfield

Our first stop on this delivery run was in Bakersfield, California. We had to deliver a 40ft round pen to the Bakersfield Police Activities League. 

The Bakersfield PAL needed a round pen for their Easter Egg hunt event that they were hosting the following weekend. 

We pulled our truck and trailer into their property and got the round pen unloaded and stacked inside of their gymnasium for them.

Horse Corral Panels For Sale in Lemoore, California

Our next delivery of corral panels was to the city of Lemoore which near Hanford, California. This customer purchased our 60ft Round Pen Kit in 5-Rail with the dapple grey powder coat finish. 

Lemoore is a beautiful area and we hope to deliver there again soon! Lots of nice scenery and the people are awesome. 

Corral Panels For Sale in Escalon, California 

After Lemoore, we headed back up the 99 to our next stop in Escalon. Our customer in Escalon purchased one of our stall kits for his new horses. One of the things we noticed as we were driving through town, was how clean and well kept everything is in Escalon.

We got the stalls unloaded and stacked up near where they were to be installed. We spent a few minutes chatting with our customer about the Escalon area and about how he liked living in this city. He said he loved everything about it other than it being hard to find nice horse corral panels for sale in Escalon and surrounding areas!

After this stop, we topped off our tank with diesel fuel and also stopped by IN-N-Out Burger for some fuel for our bellies. Next stop. Wilton, California!

Horse Corral Panels For Sale in Wilton, California

We continued up the 99 and eventually got to Wilton. This part of Northern California is also very beautiful and well kept. As we drove down the country roads, we got to see many beautiful horse and farm properties. 

 Our customer in Wilton, Ca purchased our 60ft Round Pen with an extra bow gate so they could have two entrances into their new round pen.

Our customer in Wilton was very nice and so was his family. The entire family came outside and helped us unload their corral panels and bow gates. Very cool of them and much appreciated. Thank you to the Rose family!!

 Next and last stop: West Sacramento! 

Horse Corral Panels For Sale in West Sacramento

Ever since we were young, we've been taking road trips up through the Sacramento are to visit our grandmother in Lewiston, California. We have never been through West Sacrament so we were not sure what the area was like.

We drove across this cool bridge that lead us into West Sacramento. We didn't catch the name of the bridge but after doing a quick Google search, we think this is the I Street Bridge which has been rebuilt and improved.


We drove along the Sacramento River for some time then we arrived in the small, quite town of West Sacramento. 

We finally arrived at our customer's property in West Sacramento. We were not expecting to deliver to a mansion-style home like this! He was not home but his family was there to receive his 60ft Round Pen as we unloaded and stacked the corral panels for them. 

When we finished unloading his order, Aaron called the customer to confirm that we had finished unloading. Aaron asked the customer on the phone, "Sir, are you some sort of rockstar or country music artist?" Because his home was so magnificent. The customer laughed and said "No, I cannot sing that well!" LOL

Conclusion Of This NorCal Trip

I know these trips up to Northern California seem like a bit much to cram into one day. But we enjoy this. With every delivery we do, we never know what kind of property, living situation, or personalities, we will be greeted with. 

As we have said many times in our posts, we are always super thankful for the new customers and friends we get to meet along this journey. Some of our first customers that we have delivered to when we first got started, still follow us and engage with our content on social media. A few of our customers in the beginning have given us valuable business advice and tips that have helped us out tremendously. We will be forever thankful for each and every delivery we get to do! Thank you NorCal!! 


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