Pala Band of Mission Indians Get New Corral Panels and Horse Stalls

Pala Band of Mission Indians Get New Corral Panels and Horse Stalls

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New Pipe Corral Panels for Pala Indian Tribe 

We had the pleasure of doing business with our friends at the Pala Band of Mission Indians. They needed new corral panels and some horse stalls so they contacted us at SoCal Fence and Barn.

corral panels for sale pala ca

Pala's order was a larger order so it required us to deliver their order on two trailers, but we got it done!

pipe corral panels for sale pala ca

When we arrived at their laydown yard, we began unloading their order with the use of their forklift and operator. We were very grateful for the forklift, and so were our backs! haha. 

We were able to get some video footage during the unloading of the horse corral panels and stalls, so be sure to click on the YouTube video above to see some of the action.

horse corral panels in pala california

The photo above shows two bundles of their 10ft horse panels. They chose to go with our 4rail powder coated panel option which looks beautiful.

horse corral fence panels pala capala ca horse panels corralspowder coated horse panels pala ca

You can see how we take the time to weld the top end caps shut. This prevents water, dirt, or wasp nests from getting inside the panels. Pala really liked that feature.

horse pipe corral panels pala ca for sale

Pala also got some of our 12ft horse panels and they chose to use our arena gates rather than the panel gate combos. You can see we bundles the arena gates to the stack of 12ft horse corral panels.

corral panels and gates

Although the Pala Band of Mission Indians have plenty of full time workers and welders who are fully capable of making corral panels, they mentioned that buying  our pre-made panels and horse stalls would save them tons of time in the long run so they would be able to allocate their time and energy elsewhere.

horse stall covers pala ca

The photo above shows the bottom pieces of the shelter panels for the horse stall covers. Our shelter panels come in two pieces for a few reasons: So they can fit inside of our powder coating over and so they are a lot easier to transport and handle.

 horse stall shelters in pala ca

 This photo shows the top pieces that go with our shelter panels for the horse stall covers. You can also see a pile of the ground-level posts that are used to hold down the horse stall covers in high winds. There's also another stack of 10ft horse corral panels in the background.

pala indian tribe new horse corral panels

We want to give a big thanks to the Pala Band of Mission Indians for choosing us and for trusting us. Special thanks to Jim for his kindness and for the advice he gave us for our small business. We look forward to dealing with Pala again! Thank you!!

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