Livestock Cattle Panels Now Available For Sale!

Livestock Cattle Panels Now Available For Sale!

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20ft Cattle Panels For Sale

It has always been very difficult for cattle ranchers like yourself to find livestock panels available for sale that are high quality and cost effective. Not no more!

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Details About Our Livestock Fence Panels

  • 20ft Length
  • Height is around 5'11"
  • 2-3/8" Steel Tubing
  • 14-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Expert Welds
  • Chain and Chain Keeper Connection
  • Detachable Feet (Patent Pending)
  • All joints are coped
  • Made with modern CNC technology
  • 6-Rail

Detachable Feet Design (Patent Pending)

freestanding cattle panels with feet

Our livestock cattle panels come with detachable feet that bolt onto the bottoms of the panels. This make the panels so much easier to stack, load, and transport around your ranch property. Save valuable time, money and energy with our patent pending design. 

We Can Fit (175) Of These Panels On a Full Truck Load!! 

As you browse or shop around for quotes from other cattle panel makers, ask them how many of their panels they can fit onto a full truck load. With our patent pending design, we are able to easily detach the feet which allows our cattle panels to be stacked onto a trailer way more efficiently. Other manufacturers are going to bill you for multiple freight loads. 

cattle ranch fence panels livestock for sale

Save Money On Your Cattle Ranch Fence Project

With our freestanding cattle panels, you can move them around your property as you need to or as you move your livestock to another pasture. You are no longer forced to install permanent fence panels if you don't want to. If you'd prefer them to be installed permanently, just set a post on each side of the panel.

cattle livestock fence panels for sale 

Made With Modern CNC Manufacturing Technology 

Modern computer-controlled technology is used in our manufacturing methods. We are able to CNC cut holes into each post that allow for the rails to go straight through the posts before they are welded into position. This makes for a much stronger and solid panel.

livestock fence panels for beef cattle bulls

14-Gauge Steel Construction

For years, it has been common practice for ranchers to use oil pipes for their fence projects. Back in the day it was very common to source used oil pipes for practically free. This is because the oil fields would toss them to the side after they had no more use for them. The ranchers would come by and scoop them up for free.

Our livestock cattle panels come bare metal, un-coated, so they will get the same rustic look or patina as the oil pipes that most ranchers use and love.

Cattle Panels For Sale Near Me

If you discovered these panels by entering "cattle panels for sale near me" in your search engine, you've come to the right location. We have shipped our panels just about everywhere. From places like Hawaii to other countries like Dubai! 

cattle livestock fence panels for bulls

Global Shipping Available

With our patent pending design, it is more cost effective to load them into a 40ft shipping container. With the feet detached, we can fill a sea container, and do so efficiently.

shipping sea container

We have partnered with freight companies that professionally load and transport our shipping containers directly to the sea port.

The Top Choice of Most Cattle Ranchers

Some of our customers and clients sell their meat to companies like Vons or Whole Foods. They love our cattle panels because of how much time and money they save their livestock business. They can focus on more important areas of their business like the health and growth of their stock. 

cattle ranch panels livestock for sale

Contact Us To Place Your Order!

Whether you only need a few panels, or if you need a few thousand panels, give us a call or send in an email anytime. Take pride in supporting American Made products and buying from family owned businesses!

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