The Best Portable Horse Stalls For Sale in California

The Best Portable Horse Stalls For Sale in California

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The Top Choice Of Most Professional Horse Trainers & Breeders 

If you have been looking for high quality portable horse stall kits that are available for sale, you've come to the right place. Our kits are engineered to be an easy DIY installation process. Most of the pieces of each kit simply clamp together with the included panel clamps!

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Don't Be Held At The Mercy Of a Welder Or Custom Barn Builder

We get lots of customers who contact us after their local welder or barn builder becomes too flakey or takes way too long to finish their project. With our stall kits, there is no welding, measuring, or cutting required to assemble your horse stall. Most of our kits will take less than 30 minutes to setup. The kits that have covers will usually take 2 people a little less than 3 hours to complete. 

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How To Install Our Portable Horse Stall Kits

For the most part, everything clamps together with the included panel clamps. We made this Install video that shows how to install our kits step-by-step....

What Size Stall Kits Do We Have For Sale?

We have various sizes available for purchase. You can always make whatever size you want by adding more panels to the kit. Sizes range from 10x20 to 24x24 and you are able to add as many stalls as you want side-by-side like in the render image below which shows Four 20x20 stalls with Four 10x20 covers side-by-side...

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 Why You Should Buy Our Stall Kits

  • You can take them with you if you ever move or relocate your horse property.
  • In the event of a fire or flood evacuation, just unclamp the panels to relocate your horses to a safe area.
  • No need to wait on a slow, flakey contractors to custom build your horse stalls on your horse property.
  • Our stall kits make it much easier to add more stalls or panels down the road as you get more horses or animals. 
  • They look great! 

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Modern Manufacturing Meets Old Time Functionality

We use modern CNC manufacturing technology and engineering software to design and build of our stall kits. Our engineers work in house to develop our products with absolute precision and top quality standards. Our products are night and day difference when compared to your local welder down the street who welds panels in his backyard with a cigarette hanging out his mouth! 

Choose From Bare Metal or Powder Coated Finish

But won't the bare metal panels get rust? Yes, they eventually gain the same patina / surface rust as the oil pipes that most ranchers use and love. In fact, most of our customers who are working ranchers and horse trainers will usually choose the bare metal option so that the stalls will match and blend in with their existing fencing and panels on their ranch. Remember, me use 14-gauge steel which has thicker walls than most of the galvanized panels that people will try to sell you for way more money. 

bare metal horse panelspowder coated horse panels

If you don't want the rustic ranch look for your horse property or equestrian facility, then choose our powder coated option. We do the powder coating in house, so we don't need to charge an arm and a leg for this!

How To Buy a Portable Horse Stall Kit From Us 

To place an order, simply contact us by email, phone, text, or live chat so that we can email you an invoice. If you need delivery, please include the delivery location so that we can get you a quote on the transport fee. 

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