Continuous Fence Panels Delivered to Boulevard, California

Continuous Fence Panels Delivered to Boulevard, California

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We had the pleasure of delivering a bunch of continuous fence panels to a repeat customer of ours in Boulevard, California. He originally purchased a bunch of our 10ft horse panels from us. While he was picking up the horse panels from our yard in Riverside, California, he noticed our 20ft continuous fence panels.

20ft Continuous Fence Panels Going to Boulevard, CA

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Boulevard is a small town in the southeastern part of California. It's not a big city; it's more like a quiet place surrounded by nature. There are lots of hills and open spaces that make it look really pretty. People in Boulevard like horses and have big farms with cows and other animals. They use strong continuous fence panels like ours to keep the animals safe and happy. It's a special place. Boulevard is like a calm and peaceful getaway from busy cities, and the farms there make it even more interesting.

Getting The Fence Panels Loaded Up

This order of continuous fence panels was a larger order, which we love. We love when we get big orders because then we get to utilize the gooseneck trailer and the trusty Dodge Ram 3500 dually! 

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It took us less than 2 weeks to have this order of continuous fence panels ready to be delivered to our customer in Boulevard. Once we had his order ready, we called the customer and scheduled a day to deliver his order. 

On the day of the delivery, Aaron and David got the yard extra early to get the order loaded up on the gooseneck trailer. We were having issues with the brakes on our forklift that day, so the loading process was "fun" haha. But thankfully, we got the order loaded safely and we were able to leave our yard at around 10:00am. 

Arriving in Boulevard, CA

After a few hours on the road, Aaron and David arrived safely to the customer's property in Boulevard. We were grateful that the customer had a nice wide gate and even terrain at the entrance to their property. 

Upon pulling into the property, we were greeted by out customer, Mr. Wilson. He had forks on his tractor which made it a lot easier to unload the top stack of continuous fence panels.

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Instead of stacking all of the fence panels into one stack, we decided to make it easier for the installers by spreading out small stacks of the panels. Aaron and David loaded 4 panels at a time onto Mr. Wilson's tractor forks. After Mr. Wilson dumped the panels off his forks, we would pull forward about 30ft or so and repeat the process. 

fencing panels in boulevard california

The strategy of unloading the continuous fence panels seemed to work fine. Once we got down to the bottom stacks of panels on our trailer, we simply slid them off the side of the trailer by hand. You might notice the color of the trees in the background of the photo. Beautiful time of year in Boulevard! 

Cattle Livestock Fence Panels in Boulevard, California

As we mentioned earlier, this was Mr. Wilson's 2nd order with us. His first order, he used the panels for his lLong Horn cattle. As we were unloading this order, it didn't take long for some of Mr. Wilson's long horn cows to get curious and come walking over to see what was going on.

long horn cattle fence panels

 You can see in the photo above, how his long horns began to inspect their new fence panels. The seemed to like them, because shortly after this photo was taken, they began zooming around the property in excitement! 

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Are these continuous fence panels Galvanized?

No, our continuous fence panels do not come galvanized. They are bare metal made out of 14-gauge steel. These fence panels will get the same patina or surface rust as the oil pipes that cattle ranchers have been using for many years. In the event a rancher does not want the rustic ranch-look, they will easily apply a coat of paint themselves. 

Don't believe us? Watch this quick short YouTube video.... 

Why You Should Get Continuous Fence Panels For Your Horse Property or Livestock Cattle Ranch

Continuous fence panels are used and loved by many ranchers because of how much time, energy, and money they save. The cost per foot is much lower than any other fence option out there. The time it takes to install these panels is also very minimal. Each panel has a male and female end. After they get secured to a post, they just slide over each other. 

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The photo above this text show the male end of our continuous fence panels.

continuous fence panels horse cattle

Continuous fence panels installed in another customer's horse arena.

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Wrapping Up The Delivery to Boulevard

Eventually, we were able to safely unload all of Mr. Wilson's new continuous fence panels neatly on his property in Boulevard, California. He was very happy and we could tell he was excited to get started on this project. 

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How To Buy Continuous Fence Panels From Us

If you have been looking for continuous fence panels for sale near you, we've got you covered. No matter where you're located, we can deliver them to you. 

To get an order going, simply contact us my phone, text, email, or use the live chat feature on our website to get a quote.

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Support American Made Products and Family Owned Businesses 

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SoCal Fence and Barn is owned and operated by 2 brothers: Aaron and David.

Thank you for coming along with us on this awesome delivery.

We look forward to helping you with your next cattle ranch livestock fence project! 

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