Premier Horse Panels Available For Sale In Ramona, CA

Premier Horse Panels Available For Sale In Ramona, CA

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The #1 Horse Panels In Ramona 

For years, it has been difficult to find high quality horse panels near Ramona, California. This is no longer the case!

SoCal Fence and Barn has quickly become the top choice of most professional horse trainers and enthusiast in the area. Keep reading this article to find out why we are the #1 choice of the folks in Ramona!

horse panels for sale ramona ca

What Makes Our Horse Panels So Special?

We get asked why our corral panels are the best in California quite a bit. To make it easier, we have made a short bullet point list that outlines some reasons why you should choose SoCal Fence and Barn as your horse panel supplier.

  • We use a heavier gauge material than other panel makers (14-gauge).
  • Extra time and attention is put into our horse panels by welding the top end caps completely shut.
  • All joints or connections are fully coped.
  • We cut holes into the post before inserting the rails into the post, then we weld them into place [see photo below]. Others will just but the rail up against the post before welding.
  • Our panels have a nice, strong center tube support in the middle. The 12ft panels have a full 1-5/8" post in the middle.
  • CNC manufacturing technology is used.
  • Expert welds. MIG welded, not weak stick welds.
  • Made in USA!!

horse panels

The photo above shows a behind-the-scenes look at how we cut a hole into each post before sliding the rail into the post. [patent pending]

horse panels welds

Notice the quality of our welds. We come from manufacturing high end parts for off-road racing vehicles.

horse panels in ramona ca

Horse Panels That Are 8x Stronger

This process of inserting the rails into the posts makes our horse panels 8x stronger than flimsy panels found elsewhere. Our competitors cut a saddle into their rails, then they but the rail up against the surface of the post. 

Nobody Else Can Offer Custom Colors Like Us

We are one of the only horse panel manufacturer out there that can offer custom powder coat colors without charging a ridiculous fee. We are able to accomplish this because we do all of our powder coating in house!

powder coated horse panels 

Our Horse Panels Are Proudly Made in USA!

There was once a time when most things were made here in America. Although times have changed, and most of our competitors get their panels made in China, we remain true to our values and prefer to keep manufacturing here in the USA.

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How To Buy Our Horse Panels in Ramona, California 

If you're looking for horse panels for sale in Ramona or the San Diego County area, you're in luck. We offer hassle-free delivery and unloading to Ramona and the surrounding cities. 

We will load your order onto our delivery trailer, transport, then stack your new horse panels anywhere on your property that has trailer access. 

We've heard countless horror stories about our competitors' deliveries. Most of them will show up to the customer's property and will only unload at the front curb or driveway. Others will point to the trailer and say, "There's your order ma'am" as they look at their watch or phone as the woman unloads her panels.

If we already have a delivery going to Ramona or any neighboring cities, we will offer a discounted transport fee. And we will unload it! 

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Contact Us Anytime To Buy Horse Panels

We hope that this article has educated you enough to make a buying decision and to go with SoCal Fence and Barn. Feel free to contact us anytime by any method you prefer. Phone call, text message, or email us anytime!

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