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We Donated a Pink Stall to the SoCal Mini Horse Sanctuary!

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Mini Horses Love Pink!

Here at SoCal Fence and Barn we love animals and we love the community that supports us. Being a part of the horse community here in Southern California is absolutely amazing and we feel truly blessed to have met the people we know through our business.

Through social media, we were fortunate enough to come across the SoCal Mini Horse Sanctuary. They are a non-profit organization that rescues mini horses and gives them a 2nd chance at life.

socal mini horse sanctuary

One day, while we were scrolling on Instagram (on our lunch break of course!) we saw that @socalminihorsesanctuary  had left us a nice comment about how they really liked our pink horse panels.

pink horse panels

After seeing their comment about our pink panels, we knew we had to donate a pink horse stall to them. So we did!

SoCal Fence and Barn Donates a Pink Stall To The SoCal Mini Horse Sanctuary

socal mini horse sanctuary pink stall

We contacted Jeanne from the sanctuary and told her that we built her a pink horse stall for her mini horses. She was so excited and thanked us over and over again.

Saving The Mini Horses

After we unloaded and setup the pink stall for them, we were able to spend some time with the mini horses. They seemed so happy and healthy. If you watch the video below, you will see them zooming around their stall. It was so cool to see them happy.

Not only do they have mini horses there, but they also have Alpacas. They are so funny! 

alpacas southern california David hanging out with his new Alpaca friends!

Mini Horse Paradise in Hemet, California

The sanctuary is truly a safe haven for these mini horses. One of the mini horses, named Steele, was actually rescued from Mike's Livestock Auction the same night when Aaron was there to sell horse panels in the auction. Aaron recalls seeing the horrible limp that Steele had the night of the auction. When we were there at the sanctuary, little Steele was running like the wind! With no limp!  

mini horse rescue sanctuary california

David hanging out with Steele and his friends in the photo above.

pink mini horse stall

pink horse stall

mini horse stall

Mini Horses with Giant Hearts

We could've stayed and hung out with the minis and alpacas all day, but we had to get back to our yard to meet customers who were picking up their panels. 

mini horse rescue in california

Make a Difference in a Mini Horse's Life

We encourage other businesses and individuals in our community to help the sanctuaries and rescues in our area. 

You can contact the SoCal Mini Horse Sanctuary through their website: 

socal mini horse sanctuary

Pink Horse Stalls By SoCal Fence and Barn

SoCal Fence and Barn is one of the only companies that can offer custom color powder coated horse panels without charging an arm and a leg. Sure, anyone can bring their galvanized panels to their local powder coat shop. But, they will learn that the powder coat shop will most likely charge a fee that is equal to the cost of 2-3 panels. 

We can keep our powder coated panels affordable because we powder coat in house! 

powder coated horse panels

powder coating horse panels


pink horse stall

Big Thanks To the SoCal Mini Horse Sanctuary

SoCal Fence and Barn would like to thank Jeanne and all of the rescue angels and volunteers at the sanctuary. Thank you for allowing us to make this donation. Thank you for everything you do for those mini horses and alpacas. Thank you for being so kind to us and for sharing and mentioning us to your friends and social media followers. As David mentioned, maybe next year we can get a blue stall going for the male mini horses! HaHa 

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